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Cooper Webdesign has been in existence since 01-10-2006 and since then has worked on developing digital solutions for both companies and individuals. We do not have a specific target group as we believe that small customers are just as important as large customers.

Cooper Webdesign was transformed 01-04-2018 from a sole proprietorship into a company, now called Cooper Webdesign ApS. The reason for this is to have more and better opportunities to expand the business in the future and at the same time be able to separate finances between private and business.


Cooper Webdesign offers all kinds of web solutions, website development, web design, speed optimization and search engine optimization (SEO).

This also includes developing specific areas or modules for an existing website, rebuilding, adjusting or developing a new website from concept, design and production.

We also handle the development of logo design, brochure material, consulting, tracking, analysis, SEO and SEM.

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