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At VillaHus you can now buy more than 1,600 beautiful, elegant and imaginative door handles, door handles and door hammers for your home.

VillaHus, together with their partners, has found dedicated manufacturers of various door handles and handles around Europe. They are therefore confident that their products will live up to your expectations of a high quality and at the same time add personality to your home.

VillaHus sells beautiful door handles, door handles, door hammers and other fittings that can beautify your home. VillaHus supplies both modern door handles, classic handles and beautiful door hammers. All products are of very high quality and they are proud to offer these products to you and your home.


Cooper Webdesign handles all SEO for VillaHus. With over 15,000 products in 5 different languages, it requires a good overview to keep organic traffic growing all the time.

Continuously customizes and optimizes Cooper Webdesign VillaHus so that their products are always found in Google's search engine (SERP), at the best possible positions.

500% growth in 4 years

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Cooper Webdesign makes sure to adjust content, backlinks and structured data so that all pages, categories and products are always updated to allow Google to easily understand the content and expose it in the best and most visible way to customers.

Having good and healthy organic traffic means you can minimize your budget on marketing while having the same expected revenue.

  • Regularly uses Cooper Webdesign for SEO tasks and is very happy with their services.

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