There are many different solutions on how to make a web shop. A webshop can come in many different versions depending on the purpose of the webshop. Common to all webshops is that a product or service is sold. It may be physical goods such as clothing or cookware, but it can also be services in the form of, for example, consulting or text production.
FADL's Forlag gets help optimizing their website and webshop.
February 2020
Padelgeek gets help with SEO
May 2019
VirtuGO gets help with technical SEO
September 2018
VillaHus gets a thorough SEO crawl, troubleshooting and speed optimization to be better found in Google's search results.
January 2017
This case was a non-binding offer that Cooper Webdesign gave to a customer regarding a calendar booking system that makes it easy for people to find service solutions.
December 2016
Zebs get help with payment solution for their customer, so their customers can use credit card at the current webshop.
February 2016