Website development

Website development

Cooper Webdesign offers a wide range of design and online marketing solutions. This includes website design of the website, software development, search engine optimization and internet marketing consulting.

We have many years of experience in website development. We develop websites and webshops in CMS systems like Laravel, Drupal, WordPress and Magento. We can easily compete on top quality, great deals, great unique design, and a cheap price.

When you design a website at Cooper Webdesign, you are always associated with a permanent project manager who provides weekly reporting and 100% transparency throughout the course.


Responsive design is nicely displayed on all types of devices ...

Our design experts are responsible for your creative vision. We create that web design in dreams, using our daily tools, so you can easily focus on updating and adding content to it afterwards.

When designing your new website, we make sure that all the work is based on input and wishes from you. We always carry out web design in responsive web design, which is a way of designing websites where you design the website with the intention that it can be seen and used on smartphones, tablets and ordinary desktop computers.

Logo design

The logo is the heart of the company ...

A simple and functional logo is at the heart of the company's visual identity, while also remembering the awareness of your target audience. The logo represents your business and should be able to tell most about you, in a very short time. Logo design has great value for your marketing strategy going well and the logo is exactly what the customer remembers when referring to marketing.

All logos we design are 100% unique. When you design a logo with us, you can be sure that it will be your own unique logo, in the design of the sheep.

Domain name

The domain name is your identity on the web ...

You need to be sure to choose a name that is not only suitable for your business, but also easy to find.

Cooper Webdesign can help with the entire process, from choosing a name to making sure it is purchased correctly. Our domain name selection recommendations are typically:

  • Investigate the domain
    Make sure the name you have chosen is not trademarked, copyrighted, or used by another company.
  • It should be easy to spell and pronounce
    For example, it is difficult to remember whether "" has 2 or 3 times "o" in the name.
  • Keep it as short as possible
    Most people remember the name when you chose it. Remember that you must also have an email address for the domain, which looks great the shorter it is.
  • Avoid numbers and dashes
    Numbers and dashes are often misunderstood.
  • Protect your domain
    Once you have purchased your domain, be sure to protect it. Purchase multiple domains with different versions of your name. Others may think of being close to your name to steal traffic.


Which web hosting should we choose? ...

Choosing a web host may seem daunting when there are so many different web hosting providers to choose from. Cooper Webdesign has many years of experience with the various hosting companies and is ready to assist you.

When choosing your web host, it is very important to check how and how often they save a version of the website. With an online backup system you can quickly recover files and database. For example, if it should have gone down one way or another.

Most web hosts guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. This means that you can expect your website to be at most 43 minutes and 50 seconds each month.

The most well-known and used web hosting in Denmark are and (formerly called


Webshop solutions in PHP, Drupal and WordPress ...

We optimize webshop in all PHP-based websites. We are developing new webshops in either Drupal or WordPress. Contact us already now and we will help you find out which CMS meets your requirements.

Drupal Commerce, was first released in 2011 as an extension to Drupal - which is one of the very large content management systems (CMS). The purpose was to create a development framework for business solutions based on Drupal that was independent of the size and profile of the company. Drupal Commerce is revolutionary software that integrates commerce, content and community to create exciting web experiences that give e-retailers more traffic to create more results. Drupal Commerce is used by more than 1 million worldwide.

WordPress WooCommerce, is a flexible open-source e-commerce solution built for WordPress. With WooCommerce you can start fast and build exactly the online shop you want. WordPress WooCommerce is used by more than 5 million worldwide.


PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Cloud ...

When you need to develop your new website or optimize the current one, we help you through the process.

We code websites in PHP and set up most CMS systems in Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Laravel. Based on your needs, we together decide whether it should be a custom solution in PHP, or a CMS that you need.

We also develop complete Google Cloud Platform solutions offered by Google and are a suite of cloud computing services running on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Break boundaries with a platform that no one has. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cuts through the complexity and offers solutions to your needs in storage, analytics, big data, machine learning and app development.


The simple CMS Wordpress is p.t. the most widespread in the world and is translated into many languages, including Danish


We develop for both companies and individuals. Drupal is used by more than 1 million worldwide

Search Engine Optimization

Get found on Google ...

Google is the world's largest search engine and the competition to be at the top of Google's list of search results is fierce. But with the help of a number of optimizations you can get higher on the list. It's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or search engine optimization.

Google is constantly changing the rules of SEO optimization algorithms in their search engine, for how the best search engine optimization works. At Cooper Webdesign we love Google search engine optimization and have many years of expertise in Google's optimizations, algorithms and SEO tips that work.

We are constantly following the latest SEO optimization developments in the market, to help our clients to be best positioned in the search engines.

Analytics & Data

Tracking visitors, events, conversions, backend and cloud ...

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that generates detailed user behavior statistics on web pages. The core technology of Google Analytics stems from a strategic acquisition of Urchin Software Corp. in 2005. The program is used by over 10 million websites, which corresponds to a market share of 82.2%.

Looking at a more advanced tracking solution including CRM data, BigQuery is a fully managed data warehouse on RESTful web service that enables scalable, cost-effective and fast analysis of big data that works with Google Cloud Storage and is a serverless software service.

We set up all types of event tracking, conversions and flows based on your needs. No matter how advanced your system and flows are, we have built it in the past.

Google Tag Manager logo

Google Tag Manager

Google Search Console logo

Google Search Console

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Ecommerce logo

Google Analytics Ecommerce

Google Firebase logo

Google Firebase

Google Ads logo

Google Ads

Google Maps logo

Google Maps

Google Cloud Functions logo

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Storage logo

Google Cloud Storage

Google BigQuery logo

Google BigQuery


Get your own and unique newsletter template developed ...

Cooper Webdesign typically uses the "Email on Acid" software, which is the leading email pre-installation checklist and configurable part of your email marketing workflow, from accessibility control to email previews that can be tested on 90+ different clients and units.

We design and develop templates for, among others, Mailchimp and Acoustic (formerly known as "IBM Watson Campaign Automation" or "Silverpop"). If you need content for your newsletters, we also take pride in creating the perfect content for you.


Does your website live up to the rules? ...

All websites use cookies! Some cookies are used to remember your visitors' language preferences, some to keep them logged into the website, while others are used for statistics and marketing (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.).

When your website uses cookies stored on your visitors' devices (computer, smartphone, tablet), there are certain national and European rules you should know.

On December 10, 2019, the Danish Business Authority issued a new and long-awaited guide to the cookie announcement. The guide replaces the previous guide from 2013 and contains of particular interest an update on the use of cookies on websites when users click on a website without actively clicking "yes" to accept cookies.

Cooper Webdesign makes sure your website follows the law.


Do you handle personal data on your website? ...

The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, and is a legislation introduced by the EU. Data protection became particularly relevant on May 25, 2018, as all companies from this date had to comply with the GDPR rules.

As a website owner, you probably collect a number of information about your customers, users or visitors. The Personal Data Regulation asks you to decide how to store this information, how to collect it, and whether you should store and collect it at all.

If you collect data on your website to process other people's data, such as your company or webshop, then you must also comply with GDPR.

Cooper Webdesign makes sure your website follows the law.

GDPR ready


We are experts in online marketing ...

Paid marketing is typically the most popular because it ensures your business instant traffic and thus often a higher conversion rate. You have to be careful not to choose the wrong structure and approach that can ultimately cost your business a lot of money.

Cooper Webdesign helps large and small businesses with their online presence. The channels can typically be divided into: Organic, Paid, Email and Social media.


With a security package at Cooper Webdesign, we make sure your system is kept up to date, so you don't have to worry about hacking, old software and areas that suddenly no longer work.


We can help ensure that backups are performed where you choose to host your website. In most solutions backup is already included, but in some cases it is something you have to choose for yourself.


With a support agreement at Cooper Webdesign, we tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. The support agreement acts as a video card solution that provides a set number of hours.

  • Cooper Webdesign has been a subcontractor on several of the projects that I have been responsible for. One of these was an upgrade of a Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8.

    Cooper Webdesign works independently and structured, and their communication skills are really good both in writing and orally, which is a huge advantage when we are not in the same office.

    Working with Cooper Webdesign has been a pleasure, and they get my best recommendations.
    Mette Cassøe
    Mette Cassøe
    Job titel
    Project manager
  • Cooper Webdesign has developed for us as we redesigned our website to drupal 7 with responsive design.

    In the process, Cooper Webdesign was a big win for us as they are both skilled (full-stack) web developers, able to advise us, and come up with improvement suggestions for our development workflow.

    Cooper Webdesign works systematically and delivers the agreed with great satisfaction to all involved. The best recommendations from here.
    Morten Juliussen
    Morten Juliussen
    Job titel
    IT Boss
    TV2 ØST
  • Regularly uses Cooper Webdesign for SEO tasks and is very happy with their services.

    Henrik Ørstrup
    Henrik Ørstrup
    Job titel

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