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The abbreviation SEO comes from "Search Engine Optimization". SEO optimization is a unified term for a large number of optimizations to be performed and kept up to date on a website to display pages, images, content, products etc. in the best possible position through search on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

SEO optimization is about how search engines, especially Google, read and record the content you have on your website. Content ranked highest and best by the individual search engine will display and prioritize the page as the first at the top of the search when searching for the word that best relates to the related content. This type of traffic is called organic traffic in SEO.

Google is constantly changing the SEO optimization rule set algorithms in their search engine for how the best search engine optimization works. At Cooper Webdesign, we love Google search engine optimization and have many years of expertise in Google's optimizations, algorithms and SEO tips that work. We always and constantly follow the latest SEO optimization developments in the market, to help our clients to be ranked in the best position, as well as to generally rank as well as possible in the search engines.


The most important thing in search engine optimization is content. Your customers expect to be informed by your site based on the search they do, for example. made through Google. A good tip that always works is that if a customer lands on your product page by typing "buy Google coffee cup" then it is important that you provide the customer with enough information to make a purchase. If your site is defective, then the customer just jumps to the next website with the same product and you have lost a sale.

Many websites contain copied content, as it is easier to copy the texts than to create new content. It can for example. be a website that has 100 products from the same manufacturer, where size or dimensions are different, but all content is exactly the same. These pages will be prioritized by Google as they lack SEO optimization, as well as SEO review. They will most likely never get better conversions until SEO optimization for your SERP is properly adjusted.

Cooper Webdesign always creates unique content. We know lots of SEO tips that work and can help you write comprehensive texts for your content and products, so the customer is always given the right information or enough information to make a sale. Unique content gives a good signal to Google, which also means that the page gets better priority, as well as ranking in Google's search engine results.


Having "backlinks" means very simply that you have links on other websites that link to your own website. These are important to have in order to create online visibility. Google does an evaluation of links, content and domains, so the best thing is to have "good" backlinks from pages that have relevant content to your content. The better link juice your backlink has, the better link juice attributed to your site / SERP.

Another good SEO tip is that the more good backlinks you have, the better the search engines will emphasize that your content and pages are important. This also means that the more important your pages are, the better they will be ranked in a search.


SEO optimization can also be defined through microdata and structured data, which is the way to create online visibility and strengthen search optimization from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest etc.

For example, if you have products on your website, you can mark your product attributes via HTML. This tells Google's search engine about what the product contains. This could be price, item number, color, type etc. In this way, the search engine can then subsequently present your product according to a given standard, based on what the customer is looking for.


SEO optimization is a longer term solution that increases the traffic to your website. If we compare SEO (also called "organic traffic", in English "Organic search") with paid traffic, then the cost of organic traffic will be much less, as in here you probably have, or will get a consultant from a web agency or advertising agency that can perform search engine optimization on your website. With SEO optimization / search engine optimization, you decide and manage how much time, energy and money you need to spend on your project.

Paid traffic is a short-term solution that increases the traffic to your website. Using paid search, you typically pay per. clicks in a search query, as well as compete in price to have and keep those clicks in a good position coming from a search.

Bottom line is that the better SEO optimization you have got optimized on your website, the less cost you have to spend on paid traffic to get the same amount of online visibility. For example, if you have optimized your keyword "web design" through SEO optimization to have a good position, then you can thereby reduce the cost of removing the keyword from the paid traffic. However, we, as well as many advertising agencies and web agencies, will recommend optimizing the website with both organic traffic and paid traffic.


Cooper Webdesign are experts with more than 10 years of professional experience in SEO optimization and tips that guarantee top search engine rankings, as well as offer you a unique SEO package solution in several different variants to help you rank best on the search engines as well as thus also increasing traffic to your website. A professional website requires professional search engine optimization, which means that you do not need to contact an expensive web agency or advertising agency. Cooper Webdesign can do it all for you at a lower cost and at the same time give you tips on how to optimize your SEO yourself.

The optimization process for SEO optimization sounds simple, but can be of extensive size, depending on the size of the individual website, as well as what parts of the content should be search engine optimized.

The 3 main rules we always follow and give highest priority to our customers regarding. SEO optimization and online visibility are:

  1. Create good content
  2. Create good backlinks
  3. Follow Google's recommendations


There is a long list of rules that you should be aware of when doing search engine optimization. The rule list is hard to see and know for the individual or company, which is why you should choose to let an SEO expert like Cooper Web Design with the right expertise handle this area.

The main problem we often see with our customers is that the websites contain copied content. This means that 2 or more pages show the same content. Google calls this "duplicate content" and if you do, you risk a "penalty" from Google. All pages must contain unique content.

For example, if a person searches on Google for "web design" and the result comes up with 2 of your pages with exactly the same content, then this will confuse the user. Furthermore, Google may choose not to index and display your copied content pages in their results. Therefore, always have unique content, unique page titles and unique descriptions of the pages.


Cooper Webdesign is certified in the use of Google Universal Analytics, which is key to following the SEO process and SERP over time.

Furthermore, we also use Google Tag Manager and Google Enhanced Ecommerce to optimize and track SEO flows for our clients.

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