Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Dennis Paw Gallø Sørensen

Dennis Paw Gallø Sørensen I come from Jyderup (4450) and have lived here most of my life. I have in the past about 10 years, driven on work / school in Ballerup / Frederiksberg.

Can oversee several projects at a time, prioritize solutions continuously perfectionist within example. documentation and development of complex database diagrams.

I consider myself to be very service-minded, and can maintain an overview in hectic situations. As well as being outgoing, a good employee and team player.

Competencies - Development

Professionally, I have worked with PHP4 / PHP5 (OOP), which develops since 2006. Where I include has been a technical project manager for the site, and their 5 foreign sites. These years I have worked with for example. statistics, marketing, SMS solutions / gateway systems, web shops, project management, analysis, server setup / installation, documentation, database optimization, code optimization, frontend, backend and crafted estimates and specifications.

Besides this, my task was to establish complete website solutions with a team of up to 8 people, in addition to the customer. I am used to working in big and small, team-based projects. Where this includes areas: Project Management, IA, design, frontend and development. At the same time, I am used to everything must be justified as a matter of course in writing, screenshots, and various charts. I have also supported customers internally and externally via phone, email, remote CMS.

Projects I have worked for customers as well as internally, could be PHP code, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, CMS, XML, SOAP, SMS, DRM, RSS, online stores, and much more. (Complete list can be read in the CV, during download).

I'm used to having a deadline for several projects at a time, so when it goes hectic, it's important to keep an overview, as well as have a good patience, so you can reach the goal. Overtime is probably a matter of course nowadays, which I also see as a matter of course for reaching a deadline.

Competencies - Technology

I took the training Datafagtekniker, which is a higher education, is built on training IT Supporter. Average rate for apprenticeship 9.5.

I have worked at several companies as Technician / IT Support. Where my main work has been to support customers and internal employees regarding. their workstation. This includes installation, setup and configuration of the client (software / hardware-wise). I have also experience in sales of hardware / software, as well as guidance.

I have repeatedly been included in large, small teams, where our task has been to set up networks, servers, cabling and maintenance of the div. systems. I have many skills in direct support to the customer. Both via telephony, physical support and support via remote control.

Academic skills / education

  • Datafagtekniker (data technician / data mechanic), completed his apprenticeship, apprenticeship completed in 2006
    Data and communication training (Information Technology).
  • HG2 (business school), finalized and completed in 2000
    Office and administration training.
  • PHP Programming
    Expanded course, school and self-taught. Professionally, I have worked as a PHP developer since 2006.
  • HTML / CSS / AJAX mm.
    School, as well as self-taught. Professionally, I have worked with HTML / CSS / AJAX mm. since 2006.

Appendix: CV (download)