FADL's Forlag gets help optimizing their website and webshop

FADL's Forlag

FADL's Forlag is the publishing house of medical students, and makes both medicine books, nursing books and lifestyle books.

FADL's Forlag has been around for over 50 years, and the publishing house has throughout the years focused on publishing the best educational books for medical students. They are special in that with them, the medical students actively participate when new books are to be published. The present relationship between the medical students and the publisher enables them to make the best teaching books for the medical student.

Together with the publishers and the authors of the books, the students enter various stages of the book's creation. Therefore, they can publish the books that the medical students need.

They also take on the responsibility of disseminating the medical world to the general public, which is why you can also find books on health, the body, the history of medicine and other exciting topics. They also publish books for nurses and other health professionals.

Cooper Webdesign helps FADL's publishing company with various tasks to optimize their website and webshop so that it can run smoothly.

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