Calendar booking system

Cooper Webdesign is tasked with making a non-binding offer to a customer regarding a system that makes it easier for people to find e.g. "Masseurs", "haircuts" etc. where the customer can then make an appointment / time with the company via a calendar system.

The system is developed in Drupal version 7.x CMS, an open-source module-based framework that is used worldwide. In Denmark, it is used, among other things. of Denmark Radio, TV2, TV3, Jysk.

Examples of companies that have built their website with Drupal can be seen here:

  • The system is developed to use 1 server. All customer users are subsequently managed from here.
  • Customer creates an email associated with a Google Account which can later be used for e.g. ownership of div. 3rd party API solutions.
  • The customer is responsible for complying with the legal rules generally applicable to websites. Example:
  • The customer is responsible for handling domain names, registration, maintenance and backup.


The system and functionality are developed to use standard responsive web design, where all standards here will be used as the customer does not have a proposal for a finished design. The system will be visually optimized and compatibility tested on the following devices:

  • Desktop 
    • Internet Explorer, version 9.x
    • Google Chrome, Windows, version 43.x
    • Mozilla Firefox, Windows, version 35.x
  • Tablet
    • Apple iPad AIR, IOS 8
    • Apple iPad AIR, IOS 11
  • Mobil
    • Apple iPhone 6, IOS 8
    • Apple iPhone 7, IOS 11

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